5 October 2016

HARI SUKAN NEGARA FAST FIT 2016 - Register Now for a NIGHT RUN in SIC!!

HooHA! Runners,

We have GREAT NEWS for you.
The morning run has just become a NIGHT run!

Date: 8th OCTOBER 2016
Start Time: 8.00PM

The Organizer has managed to secure the venue for a night run. Night runs are always more popular. All of this for RM35 ONLY!

ONLY 2000 RUNNERS get to run on the world famous and elusive F1 Sepang Circuit on8th OCT 2016 during the Hari Sukan Negara celebrations. This would be a really special one since we won so many GOLD medals at the RIO Paralympics.

RM35… YES RM35 ONLY for an 11km run at the world famous Venue for F1 racing. Let’s face it, most of us only watch it on TV. If I were you, I would stop reading this and register hereright NOW. 

Imagine yourself wearing a GREAT BIG SMILE waiting to brag to your friends (who missed out) about running in world renowned venue for car racing where greats like Lewis Hamilton have DONE THEIR THING. On top of that you get:
  1. Special Edition finisher MEDAL 
  2. EVENT Tee shirt 
Sounds FUN right? All this for only RM35.00. Click here right away to register. Be quick because registration closes on 5th October and ONLY 2000 runners will be accepted.

Wah… so short time for registration you say……YES it is because it is EXCLUSIVE and I don't know when this is going to happen again.

Be part of the lucky few and Register here.


Race-kit collection info:

Date: 7th OCTOBER 2016 (9.00am - 10.00pm)Venue: iM4U Sentral, Puchong

Date: 8th OCTOBER 2016 (3.00pm - 7.00pm)
Venue: Sepang International Circuit


  1. ada gambar Tshirt n medal x??

  2. Sape yg minat marathon @ suka nightwalk, boleh daftar masuk ni :)

  3. HSN hari Sabtu nih! anak-anak kena suruh pi sekolah berlari cikgu pun samalah kena berlari.