9 November 2016

In my heart is all true

In my heart is all true

💖 If u are taken respect your own relationship and don't entertain those outsiders. Keep the door closed and don't allow anyone in. No matter how much they keep knocking.

💖 Love, trust, and faithfulness is 3 important ingredients to a healthy and lasting relationship. So guys and gals, keep your focus on the one who loves you and NOT the one who steals the life out of your relationship. Too many selfish people in this world.

💖 take note girls, there are many boys waiting anywhere, stop pushing yourself to d one who is owned by someone. careful in choosing some men are clever. pick d right one


  1. Pandai adik yaya kita bermadah puitis. Bercinta dengan manusia, manusia akan mati, bercinta dnegan Allah, kekal abadi. Hargai nikmat kasih sayang yang Allah berikan pada kita semua.