18 March 2017

PS LOVE | Feminine Healthcare

PSLove is a feminine healthcare startup based in Singapore and flagship product, MenstruHeat, is currently retailing at selected Guardian and 7-Eleven stores in Singapore.

Here's a brief introduction of PSLove. The mission is to save women every month from menstrual cramps. Caring for women is a very big part of what we do and so we created MenstruHeat, a heat therapy patch for menstrual cramp relief.

MenstruHeat is different from other heat packs in that it is targeted for menstrual cramps - the temperature is perfect for soothing cramps and it is long lasting. It is non-medicated and convenient as well. You can visit our website at www.pslove.co for more information :)


Also, you can get to receive 20% off at www.pslove.co! (expires on 30th April) . You can use the promocode "yayaoff

You can reach PS LOVE on instagram @psloveco_my